More than an Art Gallery, Venue, & Coffee House

The Grayt Grounds of Monet Monet is the Embodiment of Serenity, Natural Beauty and Love.

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A Beautiful Place with Grayt Appeal

Grayton Beach, Florida is not just a place featuring beautiful beaches, nice dogs and strange people. Upon further inspection, you’ll find shops, cultural niches and of course, the Grayt Grounds and Gardens at Monet Monet.

Blue Mountain Beach resident Jonathan Quinn built the house in 1992, patterning the house and gardens after Monet‘s home in Giverny, France.

And all Quinn did was construct – on a half-acre plot,  a scaled-down version of the artist’s sprawling pink house in Giverny, France, where he lived from 1883 until his death in 1926. Quinn also created a Gulf Coast interpretation of Monet’s  flower gardens and his famous waterlily pond – Japanese footbridge and all.

Differences in soil and atmosphere made it impossible to use all the same plants Monet had selected for Giverny. Even though Quinn was constantly adding a mushroom compost to his very sandy soil, the tropical climate and environment still posed limitations.

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